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Non-Woven Geo Textiles - The Ultimate in Landscape Stabilization

We proudly introduce our Non-Woven Geo Textiles, available in 20mm and 30mm thicknesses. Meticulously engineered to deliver unparalleled stability and protection to your landscapes, these geo textiles represent a paradigm shift in soil management and erosion control. Crafted from high-density recycled and UV rays-stable Polypropylene (PP-HD), our Non-Woven Geo Textiles are available in three different weights – 150 GSM, 180 GSM, and 200 GSM – all in a pristine white color. This range ensures that you have the flexibility to choose the perfect textile weight for your specific landscape needs.


Integrated Studio's Non-Woven Geo Textiles stand as the ultimate solution for landscape stabilization and protection. Immerse yourself in the difference these high-quality, environmentally friendly textiles make in soil management, erosion control, and overall landscape maintenance. Elevate your outdoor spaces into resilient, picturesque landscapes that endure the test of time.




1. Material: Constructed from high-density recycled and UV rays-stable Polypropylene (PP-HD), ensuring longevity and resilience in various environmental conditions.


2. Load Capacity: These geo textiles boast an impressive load capacity of 115 tons per square meter, providing unmatched support and reinforcement for your landscape.


3. Weight: Striking the perfect balance between strength and manageability, each square meter of Non-Woven Geo Textiles weighs approximately 4.6 kg.


4. Dimensions: Each piece measures 50cm x 25cm x 4cm, with 8 pieces combining to create 1 square meter of coverage, offering flexibility in application.


5. Color: The geo textiles come in a sleek white, seamlessly blending with your landscape design, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing integration.


6. Packing: Arriving in single-use pallets, each covering 1 square meter, our packaging simplifies installation and minimizes waste, emphasizing efficiency.


7. Biological/Chemical Resistance: These geo textiles are inert, offering resistance to biological and chemical agents, ensuring long-lasting effectiveness in diverse environmental conditions.


8. Discharge Capacity: With an exceptional drainage capacity of 350 liters per minute at a 1% gradient, these geo textiles ensure optimal water management, preventing waterlogging and soil erosion.


Choose Integrated Studio's Non-Woven Geo Textiles for a landscape solution that combines innovation, durability, and environmental consciousness, setting new standards in soil management and erosion control.




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